Åsane Church Choir School to perform Lunchtime Recital

Sheffield Cathedral Lunchtime Recital
Tuesday 28 June, 1315

Åsane Church Choir School is based in the most populous congregation of Norway: Asane in Bergen.  Åsane Church Choir School consists of 9 choirs, with 250 members in total. The church has choirs for children, teens, youths and adults.

The touring choir this year is a mixed ‘all-age’ choir ranging from 65 years down to 8 years of age.  The choir is anchored in the classical tradition, with a trademark of spanning musical periods and diversity of styles. The touring choir will consist of 30 singers, with accompanying parents bringing the total to about 45 persons.

The choir has given regular concerts in Bergen Cathedral, and has also participated in nationwide Church of Norway gatherings. In addition, the choir has already toured in several European countries: Denmark, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Germany, and Austria.  In 1993 the choir visited England and Wales and also visited Scotland in 1995.  In 2000 they toured to the USA, visiting New York, Houston and New Orleans.

In the Mozart year 2006 they sang a concert and service in the famous St. Stephans Cathederal in Vienna.

In church concerts they sing from a classical repertoire of Norwegian and European church music. The hymns of Edvard Grieg are part of their church repertoire. They will also bring contemporary Norwegian church music.

In 2011 the choir will visit London, Sheffield and Exeter from June 23rd to July the 3rd 2010.

The Sheffield programme is as follows:

Organ: Andrew Linn
Piano: Lenamaria Gravdal
Director: Jan Røshol

J. Ugland – Nå vandrer fra hver en verdens krok
E. Hovland – Dette er dagen som Herren har gjort
A. Sandvold – Jubilate Deo
L. Heggen – Salige er de som hører Guds ord
E. Grieg – Jesus Kristus er oppfaren (Solo: Oddvin Hannisdal)
E. Grieg – I himmelen, i himmelen (Solo: Marit Røshol)

Norwegian folk tunes
Norsk folketone – Den dag kjem aldri
Roberts – Seek ye the Lord (Solo: Lars Erik Haga)
A. Dvorak – Herren er min hyrde
T. Kverno – Herre nå lar du din tjener fare

Norwegian folketunes.
J. Rutter – Look at the world
Norsk folketoner – Eg veit i himmerik ei borg (Solos: Oddvin Hannisdal & Catrine Snipsøyr)
Hellig Ånd o himmelue
Norsk folketone – Å hvor saligt det skal blive
K. Nystedt – I will praise thee O, Lord
Han er oppstanden
Eg er livsens brød
Cry out
Brudemarsjer (Wedding pieces)

The concert starts at 13:15; admission is free and all are welcome.

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